Exploring Pripyat

Alex Cheban went to the northern Ukrainian city of Pripyat near the border with Belarus.

He captured a city that was evacuated over the course of two days in April of 1986 after the meltdown at Chernobyl. Once a city of almost 50,000, it is is now populated by wolves and deer who make their homes in and around the deteriorating structures that once bustled with human activity.

Cheban's exploration reveals an area being reclaimed by nature as buildings and streets give into erosion and overgrowth. As time moves on, it is easy to imagine Pripyat and other surrounding areas returning to a seemingly idyllic natural state with the only suggestion of its past coming from the increased tick of the Geiger counter.

Here are a few shots from Cheban. Check out the rest on his site.

Categories: photography, ukraine, urban exploration

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