Streets in Focus: Joshua Gordon, London


Streets in Focus: Joshua Gordon, London

Irish photographer, Joshua Gordon is a voracious entrepreneur, rapidly becoming a rising star across music, fashion and art, in both his hometown of Dublin and across the pond on British soil. A fashion photographer by trade, his success started a few years back with the creation of his blog, FucknFilthy, a simple place to post pieces from his shoots (for clients such as Urban Outfitters and Lazy Oaf) and share his inspiration from the around the world.

Now a Tumblr heavyweight, amassing thousands of notes on a single post, his blog has given him the platform to create a fashion label of his own, pushing out his bold signature style through limited edition pieces sold online and in pop up stores. Photography is in Joshua’s blood, the son of a acclaimed press photographer he was surrounded by cameras from an early age and this desire to capture the world as it passes by has given him the passion and creativity to stand out as an artist.

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How has growing up in Dublin shaped your approach to photography and fashion? Has coming from Ireland effected the sorts of subjects, locations and themes you explore in your work?

For sure, growing up I was always surrounded by photographers. When I was 12 or 13 I was doing a lot of graffiti & taking heaps of pictures of my friends painting and the general mischief we got up too, stealing stuff from shops, getting in fights, spending nights on the train tracks & finding new places to paint. Ever since then my interest in photography has grown & grown, and I feel like after all of this time, my own style is starting to form & I'm becoming more confident with the pictures I take.

What sorts of qualities attract you to particular places for shoots? Is it purely a matter of aesthetics or is there something about place that is important to you and your work?

At the moment for me finding locations to shoot is purely for aesthetic reasons, I mean I have a massive interest in documentary photography, but that's not what I'm trying to do at the minute. I'm just trying to take pretty pictures of me & my friends having fun in unusual locations. And of course the actual process of looking around for somewhere interesting to shoot in is lots of fun too.

How do you discover new and exciting things in a dense, modern city like London. How do you find something fresh and exciting when every inch of the city is under surveillance and the cycle from underground to cool to played out is dizzyingly fast?

In a place like London, I feel like the best way to look for places to photograph is just to land yourself somewhere with no knowledge of your surroundings , similar to what I do in Dublin, I'd just get a bus to an area I'm not familiar with & have a little search around until I find somewhere. The best stuff always happens by chance, and of course it's more fun that way. There's nothing like getting lost & being stressed out but then stumbling upon a great little location in the middle of nowhere and thinking "fuck, this is beautiful" , every cloud has a silver lining.

You have a really fresh and renegade take on the fashion industry. Can you tell us why you've opted to basically do it yourself rather than go through more established channels?

When my site really started to boom & get heaps of views it dawned on me that something I've wanted to do for years but just didn't know how to go about doing was actually possible, I've been interested in t shirts & clothing since I was a little kid but I had no idea how to get started, so a year & a half ago I just gave it a go, jumped into it head first & really learnt from my mistakes. It's crazy to think now that people all over the world are wearing the t shirts and into what we're doing, I've been working really hard towards Spring Summer 2012 which will be dropping just before summer & I'm massively excited about the new pieces. It's great to have a platform in which to create & sell product I'm really passionate about & no fat cat from a big company with a cheque will ever take away that proud feeling of making what I want, when I want too.

Though you work in primarily visual media, you emphasize the importance in music. Can you explain why music, and British music in particular is so important to you?

Yeah for sure, I've been heavy into hip hop since I was much much younger & for the past 5 - 6 years I've had a really heavy interest in electronic music, I've been DJ'ing a lot all over Ireland & my best friend Dec ( Krystal Klear ) is always opening me up to disco & house from many moons ago. I'm always hunting for new sounds to inspire me, it helps the day flow smoother when I have something nice to listen too. As of late I'm listening to buckets of deep house, as well as lots of classic house & some stuff from the likes of Faulty DL / Joy Orbison / Sun Ra / Hud Mo / Rustie & lots of old Nas.

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